Cleaning of massage chair

* TIME: 2019-12-10 19:43:51 * VISITS:

1. Wipe with a soft dry cloth every day (do not let chemicals such as petroleum alcohol or diluent drop on the massage chair) otherwise, the shape of the chair will be deformed and the leather cover will deteriorate. Wet and wring the soft cloth with warm water and proper detergent, and then wipe it with a pat.

2. After gently wiping with a dry cloth, let it dry naturally (do not dry in a rapid drying way).

3. Wipe the pillows, back cushions, backrest leather covers, cushion leather covers, feet leather covers, etc., and clean the armrest and back cover. Please dip the soft cloth in the diluted neutral detergent, and then screw the cloth dry. Wipe the dust on the machine table with the dried cloth, and finally wipe with a clean dry cloth.