Daily health care, massage and health preservation

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Massage is an important method of Taoist health preservation. In Zhuangzi, the chapter of foreign affairs, it is said that "one can stop being old", "the way to prolong one's life, and the skill to stay in shape". The content of health care massage in China is very rich, which has been handed down from generation to generation, but the massage action in the folk "eight section brocade on the bed" is better.

1. Wash your face and refresh yourself. Wash your face with your hands on your cheeks. It's also called dry wash. It can improve your spirit and appearance.

2. More ears make more ears. Pressing the root of the front ear with the index finger and the thumb at the ossicles behind the ear can improve the hearing and treat tinnitus.

3. Wipe your forehead and wake up. Use the finger surface of the index finger and thumb of both hands to do relative horizontal rubbing on the forehead, so as to have a clear mind, prevent and treat headache, and reduce the forehead wrinkles.

4. Wipe your nose to keep out the wind. Using the finger surface of the index finger and thumb of both hands to push up and down on both sides of the nose can improve the blood circulation in the nasal cavity, enhance the ability to resist wind and cold, prevent and treat cold and cold, and maintain the function of respiratory system organs.

5. Comb your hair for wisdom. Replace the comb with fingers, and comb the hair from the forehead back at the top and both sides, commonly known as dry combing, to stimulate the scalp, which has the functions of refreshing, clearing the brain, improving intelligence and supporting hair.

6. It's good for your stomach and longevity. It can improve gastrointestinal function, prevent constipation and prolong life. In ancient times, this movement was called "the nine turn method of prolonging the year", "the method of prolonging the year from illness", etc.

7. Take a bath to get sick. That is, hold the legs with both hands and push them downward from the root of the thigh. Then, shake the ankle joint and toes by hand, and shake the toes 30 times a day, which can promote the lower limbs to be light and healthy.

8. Warm your waist and have fun. Waist is the most important part of human body. There are two kidneys close to each other, and there is the gate of life. Waist muscle is thin, most vulnerable to cold invasion, especially the back of the waist and buttocks, known as "Snow Mountain" in ancient times. Wipe the back of the waist with your hands to make the waist feel warm and dry. Then, stick the Shenshu points with your hands for a moment (commonly known as stewed kidney) to strengthen the waist and strengthen the foundation.

9. There is no headache by rubbing the sun. Use the finger face to massage and push back at the sun acupoint, and gradually move to the front of the ear, to improve the facial nerve (such as trigeminal nerve), meridians (such as hand sun meridians, hand Yang Ming meridians, foot Shaoyang meridians), and pre treat headache, dizziness, migraine, toothache, etc.

10. Rub your head and neck to strengthen your muscles. Using four fingers to push and rub on both sides of the neck can improve the blood supply to the brain, smooth the channels and tendons, and prevent headache, dizziness and various cervical diseases.

Health care massage health, the most important thing is to adhere to every measurement, not less than 50, not urgent to wake up, massage first. Especially knead abdomen, at least 100 times, unremitting, healthy and long life.