People who are not suitable to use massage chair and how to use massage chair

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1. The first kind of heart disease, hypertension and osteoporosis. Because massage can speed up the blood circulation of human body, which is easy to lead to heart disease and hypertension; while osteoporosis is easy to lead to brittle bone due to calcium deficiency and other reasons, which is especially easy to cause fracture;

2. The second is local skin damage, ulcer, bleeding and tuberculosis, tumor patients;

3. The third is that people who are too hungry, too full, too drunk or too tired should not use the massage chair immediately. They should adjust the massage chair properly before relaxing.

4. Children should not use massage chairs.

Usage method

1. The time of using massage chair should not be too long, generally within 30 minutes. If the time is too long, there may be adverse reactions such as pain, nausea, etc.

2. When using the massage chair, do not eat or drink water, because in the knock mode, the massager's body will shake violently, at this time, eating or drinking water may cause accidents.