Understand the core components of massage chair

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The selection of massage chair requires comprehensive consideration of many factors. The core components of massage chair mainly include movement, guide rail, motor, material, etc. the quality of a massage chair mainly depends on the quality of these core components:

The main board can be said to be the brain of the massage chair, which is used to control the operation carrier of the massage chair program, power supply and air pressure valve motor. Through the hand controller of the massage chair, the main board receives and sends instructions to the massage mechanism of the chair, so as to carry out the massage movement. It is one of the important components.

Whether a massage chair is good or not depends not only on its external functions and materials, but also on whether its massage program is humanized and its experience is high.

The movement of the massage chair is matched with the manipulator and the device controlling the motor of the manipulator. It can walk on the guide rail freely and massage the back and buttocks of the human body according to the length of the guide rail.

At present, the movements on the market are mainly 2D and 3D movements. 2D movement is the earliest generation of movement. The massage head of the massage chair equipped with this movement can only move up and down left and right, which is a two-dimensional plane movement. Because this movement can only move in the plane, it can not fit the curve of the back of the human body well, so it will be stiff when massaged. At present, 3D movement is the mainstream configuration of massage chair. The massage head can move up and down, left and right, front and back. The front and back movement is realized by a telescopic motor. Such movement is three-dimensional, so it can fit the back curve of human body, massage more deeply, and the strength is moderate.

The guide rail is the main body of the massage chair. It is the overall framework of the massage chair with the movement manipulator and most of the internal main parts.

The guide rail is mainly divided into S-type guide rail and L-type guide rail, and the difference is mainly based on the length. The length of S-type guide rail is generally between 60-70, and the massage stroke can only reach the buttocks; the length of L-type guide rail is generally between 120-130, and the massage stroke can reach the thighs.

The manipulator of the massage chair, through the design of the program, can realize a variety of human like massage techniques. Through the massage principle, it can realize the massage effect, dredge the meridians, circulate the Qi and blood, maintain the balance of yin and Yang of the body. The most important massage method of the massage chair is the manipulator massage.

Commonly known as motor, its main function is to generate driving torque, as a mechanical power source. Its main function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and it is also an important driving force to support the operation of manipulator massage function.

Massage chair motor

Generally, there are several motors in massage chair:

① Kneading motor: driving manipulator kneading technique;

② Knock motor: drive the manipulator to knock;

③ Vibration motor: make the massage mechanism produce vibration effect;

④ Traveling motor: driving the guide rail of manipulator;

⑤ Foot roller motor: driving foot roller operation;

⑥ Kneading plate motor: drive kneading plate operation.